August 16, 2013

Video: Cute Animals and Moving Sheep!

One of my favourite things about working on the farm is working with and being around all the animals. Let me introduce you to some of the animals, and show you what was involved in moving sheep from one area to another!

August 13, 2013

Got Racism? Not With Me, You Don't.

Sometimes, a hateful occurrence can be turned around into something healing.

I was checking my messages on The App last night, and this 20 year-old white guy had sent me a message. 

I won't share the exact message, but his opening line was, shall we say... Direct.

I swear that on these apps, a good proportion of men have lost their sense of courtesy and civility... If it was even there to begin with with some of these guys. 

Anyway, like an old man, I chided him on his rudeness and said that he should consider, oh, I don't know, saying "Hello" to a guy rather than talking to him as if he's a walking penis. 

Well, he was NOT happy. He let loose with a vitriolic rant and then ended with one word. A word I hadn't heard in years. 


August 9, 2013

Video: Farming Update, Homeschooling, and WWOOFing!

I've been on the farm here in rural Nova Scotia for just shy of a week... And I love it! I've gotten to live and work with an amazing family - and I even got to talk to the kids about something that I've been interested in for a long time... Homeschooling!

I don't have kids (not yet, anyway!) but I've thought about ways I could prevent my own kids from going through the horrible bullying I went through when I was young... And - these homeschooled kids have blown my socks off with their intelligence and maturity.

See the video for all the details on what this week has been like.


August 7, 2013

Video: Made it to Nova Scotia! (Bonus: Bad Singing.)

An update from on the road! Made it into Nova Scotia!

Also: Please don't judge my singing.

August 4, 2013

Ever Slept in a 1990 Mustang Enroute to Quebec City?

A couple of days ago, I began my road trip in my seriously old Mustang! I'm a little off schedule, mainly because I thought my transmission was overheating on the first day... I stopped for a while to diagnose/test the issue but it turned out to be a false alarm - *PHEW!*

The first day I drove from Toronto to a small town called Iroquois, Ontario. Not much there... Just stayed for the night to catch some Z's for the next day of driving.

Yesterday, I drove from Iroquois into Montreal, Quebec.

I spent a number of hours in Montreal - I connected with an old friend and bought some new jeans for my apparently skinny ass (the farm work has made me lose a lot of weight!) There was, of course, lots of eye candy around! I will say that Torontonian guys and Montreal guys are both generally really hot - but in completely different ways. Toronto is more about beards and plaid and jeans and bellies (YES to all these things!) Montreal seems to be more European - so slim, fit, designer fitted clothes.

I left Montreal a lot later than I'd expected, and I was a little less than halfway to Quebec City before I really started to get tired. I was worried that I might fall asleep at the wheel, so I tried checking in at a number of hotels and motels... They were all either too expensive ($300!!!) or fully booked.

I've been asking the universe for more adventure, and boy did I get it!