August 4, 2013

Ever Slept in a 1990 Mustang Enroute to Quebec City?

A couple of days ago, I began my road trip in my seriously old Mustang! I'm a little off schedule, mainly because I thought my transmission was overheating on the first day... I stopped for a while to diagnose/test the issue but it turned out to be a false alarm - *PHEW!*

The first day I drove from Toronto to a small town called Iroquois, Ontario. Not much there... Just stayed for the night to catch some Z's for the next day of driving.

Yesterday, I drove from Iroquois into Montreal, Quebec.

I spent a number of hours in Montreal - I connected with an old friend and bought some new jeans for my apparently skinny ass (the farm work has made me lose a lot of weight!) There was, of course, lots of eye candy around! I will say that Torontonian guys and Montreal guys are both generally really hot - but in completely different ways. Toronto is more about beards and plaid and jeans and bellies (YES to all these things!) Montreal seems to be more European - so slim, fit, designer fitted clothes.

I left Montreal a lot later than I'd expected, and I was a little less than halfway to Quebec City before I really started to get tired. I was worried that I might fall asleep at the wheel, so I tried checking in at a number of hotels and motels... They were all either too expensive ($300!!!) or fully booked.

I've been asking the universe for more adventure, and boy did I get it! 

I took an exit off the highway into Quebec farm country... Found a back country road, found a secluded path into a forest... And drove into said forest...


Hahaha! I totally did. I even brushed my teeth and did my standard night routine. Actually, it was really awesome. I was the only soul around for miles. It was so quiet it was surreal. And I was surrounded by trees and had the stars above - it was really, really peaceful. 

The only challenge was that I'm 6'3" and about 210-220 lbs. I'm not a small dude. I can barely fit into my Mustang's driver's seat as it is. So I slept in two positions:
1. In the fetal position facing the back seat with my ass resting on the centre console.
2. On my side in the back seat, facing the front of the car, my head nestled (read: crushed) into the driver's side corner of the back seat, with my feet resting on the front passenger-side arm rest.

I didn't get too much sleep, as you can imagine... And I also woke up with a huge swollen bug bite front and centre on my upper lip. Classy!

But was it worth it? Hell yeah! I've been positively beaming all morning at not having dropped $300 on a shiatty hotel room! I think that's my frugal Sri Lankan background showing through!

I arrived in Quebec City a few hours ago. I've only been here briefly, but I've already fallen in love with how beautiful it is! If you've never been - it's something to be seen!