September 10, 2013

Thank You, My Sweet.

In times past, men rode horses to travel. And over time, horse and rider would form a strong bond that would last a lifetime. I don't have a literal horse, but I do have a Mustang. And so - here is a letter of gratitude to my horse, my Mustang. 

I knew we were meant to be when I first saw you, your shiny tail lights and chrome exhausts appearing from behind the opening garage door of your previous owner. In fact, it was only when I found you that I realized that I'd been looking for you since I was 12.

I've had many others over the years... And all of them, without exception, were fraught with problems resulting from neglect they'd experienced at the hands of their previous owners before they happened upon me.

But you... You were perfect. Even with your imperfections - I was ready to accept you 100% as you were. That's how I knew that this was it - that you were my horse. 

Yes, I had to change all your fluids, replace your radiator and thermostat, disconnect your convertible top motor, have your speedometer cable changed, and change your power door lock actuators within a few months of our meeting... But it didn't bother me because by driving off with you back in April, it meant that I was all in with you.

And now, our first summer has come and gone. And I have so many memories that will last a lifetime. Our first time tearing down the highway topless. Our first farm together. You being my wingman and helping me meet really hot guys. Your speed. Your throaty roar. Your reliability and trustworthiness. On our long drives together, I shared many things with you that I've never told another soul, and that I never will. And I know anything I tell you will remain in the strictest confidence for life.

In the darker moments of this summer, I knew I could escape to you and feel safe and protected.

When I had the scariest moment I've had in my life, you were there. And I don't know what I would have done without you. There was no one around to talk to or hold onto, so I held onto you for dear Life as the tears flowed and as I shook from shock.

You woke something up in me, something that I didn't even know I had in me. You woke up the wild, fearless adventurer in me. You showed me how happy it was possible to be with only the possessions that could fit in your tiny trunk. You showed me how if something scares me in a profound way... That it means that I need to do it. 

Meeting you was like losing my virginity. I can't "un-experience" or "un-know" the summer we've had together. Now that you've shown me what's possible in life, I can't go back to the way things were before.

I know that to anyone else, you may be just a hunk of lifeless Detroit metal. But to me, you will always be my liberator, my partner in crime, and...

My Mustang.


Just because I know some of you may go there… No, I'm not having sex with my car. And, if that's what you're thinking, my goodness - get your mind out of the gutter and re-read the post, because you've totally missed the point! ;-)